About Us

Recognised worldwide in over sixty countries, the Odyssey racing battery brand is synonymous with high performance, technical expertise and total commitment to customer care.

Odyssey Racing was formed in response to the general lack of technical support provided by some of the larger racing battery distributors. Using the parent company’s extensive 15 years of battery experience gained in the manufacture of ultra high discharge battery packs for the world’s Aviation industry, Odyssey Racing’s policy is to offer customers the same high quality and dedicated level of service demanded by Powervamp Ltd’s Aviation customers.

The One-Stop-shop for racing batteries
Over the past 7 years Odyssey Racing has evolved into a “one-stop” shop for a full range of racing batteries and related accessories. Through the massive buying power of PacificAero GSE, Odyssey Racing can offer highly competitive prices on its batteries and accessories with the majority of products available for next day delivery by our courier service. Transactions are fast and efficient.

Total service and support
Odyssey Racing prides itself on its technical support and after sales service. The Odyssey brand is recognised worldwide by thousands of customers in more than 60 countries. From the specifying of battery models, cable sizes, complex performance calculations, to sponsorship arrangements, Odyssey Racing’s commitment to the motorsport industry is well recognised.