Q. Can I lay the battery on its side?
A. yes, because of the technology the battery can be installed in any orientation (except inverted as to not block vents etc.)

Q. How should I charge the battery?
A. A normal 12v car charger will be sufficient including the trickle / intelligent chargers. DO NOT use high rate workshop boost chargers though.

Q. Do I need to keep the battery on charge when not in use?
A. You can, but one of the advantages of the ODYSSEY EXTREME batteries is that when they are fully charged, if isolated, they can be left and hold their charge whilst not in use for up to 3 months.

Q. Is this a Gel battery?
A. No, it is a common misconception that the ‘G’ in AGM stands for Gel. It Doesn’t, AGM is Absorbed Glass Mat. A Gel battery when in use gets warm and the gel becomes less viscous leading to many of the disadvantages of conventional lead acid units.

Q. Should I flatten the batteries charge when not in use?
A. No a TPPL AGM battery should never be run completely flat.

Q. How long will it last?
A. dependent on use and maintenance you should expect to get 3 years trouble free usage in a competition environment, although this is a guide not a guarantee.

Q. Does it need to be installed in a sealed box for competition use?
A. Some MSA (and other) organisations may have this as a championship regulation, in which case you will have to do so. However, the battery is constructed in a flameproof case, and can also be safely be installed inside the cockpit area.

Q. How should I secure the battery?
A. The battery should be held firmly in place. POWERVAMP RACING provide bespoke lightweight alloy brackets for all batteries. If possible an anti-vibration foam or rubber mat should be placed underneath the contact area.


Q. I hear that Spiral-wound batteries give the same performance? 
A. Like many popular spiral-wound batteries, ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries employ dry cell Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology to contain acid, allowing the battery to be installed even on its side. But the densely packed flat plates in an ODYSSEY Extreme Series battery avoid the “dead space” between cylinders in a “six pack” design. The result is 15% more plate surface area — and that translates to more power!