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Odyssey Performance 629-DIN B-1300 - TPPL (PC2400) Battery

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Today’s vehicles are more demanding, with vehicle and driver systems now requiring higher performance than conventional batteries were ever designed for. ODYSSEY® Performance Series™ batteries with TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead) technology provide the only solution that will truly meet these new demands. A completely different design, TPPL Battery Technology provides unrivalled usable capacity, strength and life, to power even in the most demanding vehicles, with outstanding total cost of ownership returns.

Whether it’s a heavy duty commercial truck, an earth mover, a bus or a marine application, you depend on the vehicle’s electronics to provide valuable data, direction and even safety features. Therefore, you need a battery that can power those features without worry of failure. ODYSSEY Performance ODP-AGMDINB batteries meet the ever-increasing power demands of today’s heavy vehicle applications.

When considering your next battery, insist on an ODYSSEY Performance Series battery.

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Brand: Odyssey
Model: 629-DIN B-1300
UK Part Code: 629
Voltage: 12
Capacity AH (C20): 170
CCA: 1300
Product Type: Starter batteries
Technology: AGM
Start Stop Compatible: Yes
Length: 518
Width: 223
Height (inc terminals): 218
Warranty: 2
Terminal: A-Terminal
Layout: 3
Holddown: B00