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Odyssey PC1500 Battery

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Whether for everyday or emergency use, today&rsquos vehicles are loaded with more electronics than would have been imaginable just a few years ago. ODYSSEY batteries have been designed to keep up with the changes. Because their plates are made of pure virgin lead (unlike the lead alloy in most batteries), we can pack in more plates. And more plates mean more plate surface area, and much more power &mdash twice the overall power and three times the life of conventional batteries &mdash up to 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge!

ODYSSEY batteries deliver the massive starting power, rapid recovery, and amazing deep cycling capability that today&rsquos vehicles demand.

Details &nbsp
Case Flame retardant cell containers, External metal jackets with decals
Terminals TOP SAE SIDE 3/8" Receptacle
Colour Cover: Odyssey Red Case: Black
Dimensions &nbsp
Length 275.6
Width 171.7
Height 198.6
Weight 22.4
Power Figures &nbsp
PHCA 1500
CCA 880
HCA 1250
MCA 1050
Capacity @ 20 Hour Rate (Cap) 68
Reserve Minutes (RM) 135
Internal Resistance 2.5 milli ohms
Short Circuit Current 3100A
Life Cycle &nbsp
Design Life 8-12 years
Cycles &nbsp@ 80% D.O.D. 500 cycles
Cycles @ 100% D.O.D. 400 cycles
Operating Temperature -40&degC to 80&degC
Specifications subject to change without notice