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Odyssey PC2150 Battery

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Odyssey PC2150 Batteries with metal jacket to withstand higher operating temperatures. Manufactured to military specs and with a life expectancy of 6-12years when maintained and charged correctly.

The Odyssey PC2150 is a maintenance free battery and is spill proof making it possible to mount it upside down or on its side. They are extremely resistant to vibration and can cycled over 400+ times up to 80% depth of discharge.

Details &nbsp
Case Flame retardant cell containers
Terminals SAE and 3/8" Stud (Pos.), &nbsp5/16" Stud (Neg.)
Colour Cover: Odyssey Red Case: Black
Dimensions &nbsp

Length 330.2
Width 172.7
Height 240.5
Weight 35.3
Power Figures &nbsp
PHCA 2150
CCA 1150
HCA 1545
MCA 1370
Capacity @ 20 Hour Rate (Cap) 100
Reserve Minutes (RM) 205
Internal Resistance 2.2 milli ohms
Short Circuit Current 5000A
Life Cycle &nbsp
Design Life 8-12 years
Cycles @ 80% D.O.D. 500 cycles
Cycles @ 100% D.O.D. 400 cycles
Operating Temperature -40&degC to 80&degC
Specifications subject to change without notice