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Odyssey ER30 (PC950) Battery

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Pure Lead technology batteries such as this were developed in the 1950's for aircraft engine starting. Two aviation specification versions of this battery were used on the Harrier VTO aircraft to start the Rolls Royce Pegasus engines. The ODYSSEY PC950 has for many years been the battery of choice for serious Rally and Racecars and is recognised as the most popular racing battery of all time. This battery can be mounted at any attitude (inverted not recommended) and due to it's dimensions it is extremely popular as it is able to be fitted in small out of the way locations. As with others in the Powervamp range this battery uses advanced maintenance free Pure Lead technology with plates less than 1.0 mm thick.


Case Flame retardant cell containers with decals
Terminals M6 Stud
Colour Cover: Odyssey Red Case: Black
Length 250
Width 97
Height 156
Weight 9
Power Figures
PHCA 950
CCA 400
Capacity @ 20 Hour Rate (Cap) 34
Reserve Minutes (RM) 60
Internal Resistance 7.1 milli ohms
Short Circuit Current 1700A
Life Cycle 3 Years +
Design Life 8 Years +
Operating Temperature -40&degC to 45&degC
Specifications subject to change without notice

The Odyssey Extreme Series

Odyssey Extreme batteries hold up to twice the overall power of conventional batteries, doing double the duty, therefore giving double the performance.

The Odyssey Extreme Series available from Powervamp offer both enormous cranking power and deep cycle reserve power, giving you the best of both worlds.

Even at very low temperatures, Odyssey Extreme batteries have the power to provide engine cranking pulses in excess of 2250 amps for 5 seconds &ndash double to triple that of equally sized batteries on the market. With the ability to handle 400 charge-discharge cycles, they are as robust as they are reliable.

The Odyssey Extreme Series are made with flat plates made of 99.99% pure lead, not lead alloy. This additional purity allows for thinner plates, meaning each battery can hold more at a time, thus providing the plate surface area required for additional power. That's how Odyssey Extreme batteries produce twice as much power as conventional batteries.

Stronger for longer

Odyssey Extreme batteries don't just hold more power, they're also designed to last up to 3 times as long as conventional batteries. Odyssey Extreme batteries have an 8-12 year design life and a 3-10 year service life.

This is achieved using the specialised design features below:

  • Tin Alloy Coated Brass Terminals - ensuring secure, corrosion-free cable connections

  • Robust Intercell Connections &ndash resist vibration and eliminate internal sparking

  • Compressed TPPL Plate Separators &ndash for extreme vibration resistance

  • Pure Lead Plates &ndash extremely thin, pure lead plates provide more power for longer

The Odyssey Extreme Series is ideal for just about anything, just about anywhere, including:

  • Emergency Response

  • 4X4 &amp Off-Road

  • Heavy Duty/Commercial

  • Classic &amp Vintage Cars

  • Motorcycles &amp Powersports

  • High Performance &amp Modified Vehicles

  • Sound and Video Packages